Independent Society of the Blind (Singapore)  

Our Mission

The Independent Society of the Blind (ISB) is a self-help voluntary welfare organization that is managed solely by the blind. We are an organization of the blind; manage by the blind for the benefit of the blind.

The mission of the Society is to create conducive environments and opportunities for blind persons to be Self-Reliant, Independent, and Productive members of the Singapore community. We are committed to affirm, support and strengthen the visually impaired persons in our community irrespective of race, language or religion.

Registered with the Registrar of Societies since 31st May 1982, the Society is also an active member of the World Blind Union. We are not funded by the Community Chest of Singapore and are totally dependent upon voluntary contributions from members of the public who are moved to support our programs and services for the blind.

Coming Event

2nd General Assembly & Conference, WBU Asia Pacific Region

1-5 September, 2003

Talking thermometers for the blind

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