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22 May 2003


The Independent Society of the Blind (Singapore) and The Blind Foundation will be distributing "talking" oral thermometers to blind persons in Singapore. This move is in support of the Government's all-out war against SARS by giving thermometers to each Singapore household.

We applaud this move by the Government to encourage social responsibility among Singaporeans and believe that the blindness community wants to participate and contribute effectively in being responsible and constructive individuals. However, regular thermometers are not usable by blind and visually impaired individuals. They have to depend on sighted assistance to read for them the temperature measurements. Such practices may not be very effective for the blindness community to be involved in the nation's efforts against SARS.

To assist blind and visually impaired Singaporeans to be independent and socially responsible in this fight against SARS, and to prevent the blindness community from becoming the weak link in the chain of defence against SARS, both organizations have decided to take prompt and immediate action. We have acquired 1,000 "talking" oral thermometers, at S$12.00 each, which would be able to read out the user's temperature measurement either in English or Mandarin. These "talking" oral thermometers would be given to blind individuals in Singapore or to any other individuals who have difficulty reading the displays of regular thermometers.

In addition, one hundred "talking" ear thermometers, at S$100.00 each, will also be given to organizations which regularly host mass events for the blindness community. We hope that this will facilitate temperature screenings at the mass events and allow these organizations to continue with their regular activities.

The following organizations will be receiving the thermometers from 26 May 2003:

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School
Bedok South Secondary School
Blind Sports Association (Singapore)
Gospel Mission To The Blind
Independent Society of the Blind
Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped
Singapore School for the Visually Handicapped

Other organizations or individuals can contact The Independent Society Of The Blind (Singapore), 469 MacPherson Road, #03-03, Singapore 368186 or call 6286 4555 / 9694 9496, or e-mail thermometer@isbsingapore.org if they require such thermometers. For further information, please refer to our website www.isbsingapore.org.

The Independent Society of the Blind (Singapore)
We are a nonprofit organisation founded in 1982 to address the most critical issues facing Singaporeans who are blind or becoming blind: welfare: education, Chinese braille, recreation and sports. It is the only national self-help consumer-based blindness organisation in Singapore. Every now and then, someone in Singapore may become blind. We are committed to helping the blind to help themselves.

Blind Foundation
The Blind Foundation was incorporated in 2003 to support and complement the efforts of blindness organizations like The Independent Society of the Blind (Singapore) in promoting the welfare and interests of the blind. The long term objective of the Foundation is to create a sustainable source of funding for worthy projects to reduce incidents of blindness and to empower those who have become blind.

For media queries, please contact:

Independent Society of the Blind (Singapore)
Mr Kua Cheng Hock
Tel: 6286 4555
E-mail: adaptive@singnet.com.sg

The Blind Foundation
Mr Albert Tay
Tel: 93864638
E-mail: albertay@starhub.net.sg


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